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Our mission

Sow competency and harmony to reap success

If « who sows the wind, reap the storm », our team is deeply convinced, on the other hand, that « whoever sows competence and harmony reaps success ». The results of our many interventions give us ample reason.

multicultural training

From left to right: Lydia Etuk and Mr. Bigaouette from Nunavik Inuit-association (Makivik Corporation) and Gilles Picard (Ma Gestion Inc.).

Groupe conseil Ma Gestion inc. (My Way)

Our experience

Since 1992, we continue to be solicited or referred by:

Public and para-public corporations

Public and para-public corporations

(cities, departments, hospitals, CISSS, CLSCs, educational institutions, Makivik Corporation, Nunatsiavut Government (Newfoundland and Labrador) etc.)

Global Organizations

Global Organizations

in food, banking, high tech, mining, paper, pharmaceutical, etc.



because of our impartiality in handling files.

We have completed over 400 team building sessions (at all levels of leadership and execution).

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Our team

Gilles Picard

Gilles Picard

Bsc. R.I. M.Ed. Certified Coach

Gilles Picard is founder and president of Groupe conseil Ma Gestion inc., a consulting firm that specializes in: 1) Coaching, 2) HR ting firm that is specialized in : 1) Coaching, 2) HR Consulting, 3) Management training and 4) Technical training.

He has lead training sessions in French and in English to more than 6000 participants in global private and big public organizations. He also acts as a subcontractor in training and consulting projects in French and in English for international consulting-training organizations in the setting of targeted interventions such as New Haven Consulting Group, Inc. (Connecticut - U.S.A.) and Tennessee Associates International (T.A.I.–University of Tennessee - U.S.A.).

Gilles is known for the excellence of his coaching and training interventions which are innovative, interesting, lively, effective and adapted to reach the objectives and the participants. Gilles masters in the art of making the participants feel comfortable by his warm welcome, his simplicity and his respect of the human being. Intuitive and creative, he adapts to each individual or group with an astonishing easiness, regardless of the country, the culture, the hierarchical level, etc. His sharp observations combined with a good balance of his sense of humour and rigorous approach, mobilize the participants and facilitate learning.

Academic Background

Maurice Wyatt

Maurice Wyatt

RED SEAL Heavy Duty HD Mechanic Certificate #22-28728

More than 25 years experience across Canada as HD mechanic and more than 10 years in the North, (Alberta, Newfoundland and Labrador( Nunatsiavut), Northern Territories).

For years, he was a trainer-coach for Inuit and First Nations employees in Mining facilities in the North. Worked with great pleasure in a lead-hand position with a First Nation organization in Yellowknife NT.

He loves the people up North, the native people loves him. He says: «You have to treat people with respect and you will get respect back». He even learned some of the their language and bought a Dictionary to better communicate with them. One of our Inuit clients in Northern Labrador says that Maurice is as competent and efficient than conversant and personable. He succeeds in multitasks like Training–Coaching people while repairing or servicing (preventative maintenance) big and small machinery. He does not smoke, nor drink alcohol or take drugs.

He will do whatever is needed to help improve:

He says:

Sean Walsh

Sean Walsh

Trainer – Coach in HD Mechanic and Garage management

His Red Seal certificate and his more than 15 years skilled experience as a Heavy Equipment Mechanic, with a strong background in electrical, hydraulics, and computer diagnostics makes him an outstanding Senior HD Mechanic. His smooth and very much human approach with everybody he works with, makes him a super Trainer-Coach with all employees (First Nations, Inuit and Southerners).

Among some noted responsibilities:

Coupled with equipment maintenance and operations, Sean, has continually upgraded industrial training and consequent employee added value. His skills set for heavy equipment mechanics and on-site parts fabrication, has given him extensive experience to adapt positively to the needs requested.

In short, he loves his job as much as he loves people and, the clients are always asking for him again and again.

David Larose

Sanajiit Project, Kativik Regional Government, (KRG) Nunavik, (Québec Province) Canada

« We first worked with Gilles Picard in September 2010. He was to design intercultural training for construction workers in Nunavik and provide training on the sites. This custom-built training, delivered one month later, snowballed and was delivered five times in ten days in four villages in Nunavik. Following this blitz, other content targeting foremen and project managers was developed and delivered in the Montreal area. For all of these courses, the satisfaction rate was excellent and the results were significant. Mr. Picard’s mandate was to make the Nunavik construction industry aware of its cultural diversity and to consolidate the work teams, which he has done and continues to do for the Kativik Regional Government. Working with the consulting group Ma Gestion inc. is about getting a tailor-made service, fast, efficient and professional. »

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