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Leading and managing my team

All our training sessions are tailor-made to the customer’s context, needs, aspirations and logistics.

If necessary, there will be facilitation or co-facilitation by one/others of the discipline concerned.

Towards a more efficient, more inclusive and more human organization…

Effective, inclusive and benevolent leadership / management

Participants will acquire tools in leadership and team management that will help them:



Module 1: The 6 Keys to Engagement

For optimal performance or « How can I not demobilize my employees? »

Acquire and apply certain tools that will help mobilize our employees according to the following 6 keys:

  1. Information
  2. Resources
  3. Incentives
  4. Knowledge
  5. Skills
  6. Motivation

Module 2: Me and my collaborators

Exercise: My beliefs at work.

Module 3: Meeting Facilitation

Conduct of meeting.

Module 4: Situational Leadership

Module 5: Making Sense

Having a vision and plan.

Module 6: Organize, Delegate, Innovate

Module 7: Coaching for Skills Development

Individual training.

Module 8: Interview with an employee

Management of sensitive situations.

Module 9: Introduction to Psychological Types


Module 10: The Leader in Me

Responsible or victim?

Module 11: Changing Culture towards a Culture of Change

Module 12: Decision Making

Module 13: Troubleshooting

Follow the steps of solving problems through an exercise and use the basic tools that can be applied to each step.

Module 14: Personal Action Plan

Continuous Improvement Project: Intervention for continuous improvement of climate and outcomes.

Our services :

Ghyslaine Morel

Owens-Illinois Canada Corp.

« It has been a pleasure to have been associated with your team for many years (20 years) but above all to see the effects of transformation on co-workers and team members participating in the trainings. In addition, the momentum that is instilled in these workshops goes beyond the flavour of the month to affect the rest of their careers. It is a springboard, a breath of new energy and a lever for participants who are thus equipped to face the challenges of evolving organizations. Sincere thanks for allowing me to be associated with these events. »

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