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All our training sessions are tailor-made to the customer’s context, needs, aspirations and logistics.

If necessary, there will be facilitation or co-facilitation by one/others of the discipline concerned.

Towards a more efficient, more inclusive and more human organization…

Training session: Psychological and social adaptation to retirement

Note: The life partner of each participant is invited to participate to the training session free of charge.

Participants will acquire tools to help them gain insight and better take charge of the changes caused by their retirement in order to get the most fulfilling and enjoying retirement life as possible.

Note: The life partner of each participant is invited to participate to the training session free of charge.

Module 1: Being aware: Psychological and social adaptation


Module 2: Taking charge: Reorienting your life and career


Module 1: Being aware: Psychological and social adaptation

  1. The ages of life;
  2. The 5 stages of retirement:
    1. Anticipation
    2. Pre-retirement
    3. Euphoria
    4. Disorganization
    5. Restructuring
  3. Work lies at the center of how we organize our time;
  4. Changes in social life;
  5. Changes in the family and the couple;
  6. Preventive measures.

Module 2: Taking charge: Reorienting your life and career

1. A thorough and reassuring process:

2. A five-step process:

  1. Set your long term and short term goals and analyze your motivation;
  2. Take stock of your life experience;
  3. Discover what kind of person you are;
  4. Explore the environment;
  5. Determine the option(s) that best reflects your personality, your aptitudes, your interests and your aspirations.

3. The role of a guidance counselor in this process

4. Conditions for a successful process

  1. Assessing your ability to adjust to change;
  2. Controlling personal and professional insecurity;
  3. Identifying your needs and desired lifestyle;
  4. Ensuring your financial security is protected;
  5. A suitable choice depends on self-understanding
5. Self-evaluation exercises
6. The action plan

Retirement financial planning

Become aware of your current financial situation and the optimal (desired) financial situation for your retirement.

Take charge of the actions necessary to reach your optimal (desired) financial situation for your retirement.

Retirement Planning Approach

  • Setting your retirement goals
  • Assess the level of spending in retirement
  • Assessing insured income in retirement
  • Establish surplus or deficit Assess the capital required
  • Assess the capital required
  • Establish the capital available today
  • Determine the value of available capital at retirement
  • Determine capital adequacy
  • Determine annual savings required

Employer's plan

  • Employer pension scheme
  • Benefits
    • Organization Contact

Public pension plans

  • Federal pension scheme
    • Federal Contact
  • Quebec Pension Plan (QPP)
    • Quebec Contact
    • Distribution of QPP statements to participants

Succession planning

  • Matrimonial Regime and Will
  • Family assets
  • Estate components and tax impact
  • Disposal of Assets in Retirement
  • Civil Code
  • Mandate and Trusteeship
    • Legal counsel for Groupe conseil Ma Gestion inc.

Financial planning

By a Financial Planner attached to no financial product.

  • Introduction to the Financial Planning Approach
  • Assessment of current financial situation (budget, expenditures, debt, income)
  • Custom Portfolio Exercise
  • Portfolio management (financial markets, investor’s profile, etc.)
  • Retirement Settlement Options
  • Monitoring and actions to be undertaken

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Jean Bonneau


« The training offered by the consulting group Ma Gestion and above all, its mediator-trainer Gilles Picard, has succeeded! He helped our team regain the harmony, collaboration and pride of working in a “win-win” way for all. This training, which changed my life and that of the members of the team, allowed us to understand and grasp the differences between everyone so as to accept the individuals as they are. The results were instantaneous and a significant increase in productivity was noted. This training had a direct and positive impact on my life, both professional and personal. Thank you to the team at Groupe conseil Ma Gestion inc. and especially to Gilles Picard. »

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