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Professional Coaching

All our coaching sessions are tailor-made to the customer’s context, needs, aspirations and logistics

Towards a more efficient, more inclusive and more human organization…

Our coaching team is made up of certified Coaching Business Partners (NLP or ICF) whose expertise and experience have been demonstrated.

For the organisation:

For individuals:

Coaching objectives

Accelerate the transformation of individuals and teams in order to achieve their goals more quickly.

The basic principle of coaching

Help an individual or a team to evolve from the actual situation to the desired situation.


The 3 pillars of coaching

  1. the atmosphere (relationships)
  2. the process (the path)
  3. le contenu (the topic)
The 3 pillars of coaching

The intervention levels offered

The intervention levels offered

  1. Is a respectful, safe and dynamic accompaniment in achieving a specific goal
  2. Is interactive
  3. Focuses on solutions
  4. Focuses on actualizing the coachee's potential
  5. Is an identifiable structured process
  6. Requires the use of specific tools adapted to different strata
  7. Leads to positive change in performance and well-being
  8. Involves balance between relationship with coachee and adherence to process

Our services :

Shun-Hui Yang

Makivik Corporation

« The coaching experience I had with Ma Gestion Inc. and its coach, Gilles Picard, during few years, allowed me to go beyond my limits, to grow, to fully realize myself in my professional life as well as in my personal life. In addition, the results of your training: «My contribution to the team» in «Team Building» or team consolidation are final: better team spirit, sustained commitments, frank dialogues, etc. The training also allowed us to develop a common language that facilitates exchanges and improves interpersonal relations. The change in atmosphere that is currently taking place in our Division is very positive and encouraging. The approach developed by you and your team at Ma Gestion Consulting Group Inc. and Associates contributes to this transformation. I would like to express my appreciation for your respect, your professionalism, your dynamism, your kindness and, above all, your sense of humour. Thank you and especially thank you for always listening! »

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